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Wapowce formed in the mid-fifteenth century and immediately became the seat for three centuries Wapowskis family, who had to give birth to a number of prominent representatives, John, Bernard, Andrew and Stanislaus.

In the fifteenth century on the site of the present mansion vast castle was destroyed and rebuilt on a wooden court that after the fire turned into a brick mansion, which was severely damaged during World War II. Wapowskis ancestor of the family was Michael, called Węgrzyn, owner Radochoniec and Wapowiec, which began to be called an Wapowski. He was the brother of Paul with Śliwnicy. His son and – Fr. John of Radochoniec, came to the dignity of a canon of the Chapter of Krakow and initiated against known Wapowskis.

Bernard Wapowski (1450 or 1470-1535) grew up in Ostrow and Wapowce while walking to school in Przemysl. Przemysl was a canon at the cathedral, then a canon of Cracow. From Copernicus to listen together lectures on astronomy. By order of Sigismund wrote Polish history from the earliest times to 1535. Has also developed and published by F. Ungler the years 1526-1528 two large maps in European Sarmatia (Tabula Sarmatiae) and a large map of Polish (in qua Mappa illustrantur ditiones Regni Poloniae Magni Ducatus Lithuaniae ac), and around 1533 years has prepared a map of Scandinavia, Livonia and the Duchy of Moscow. He died in Krakow, November 22, 1535 year.

Bernard Wapowski name called crater on the moon Wapowski, and one of the streets in Lublin (district Wrotków). Bernard Wapowski Street is also on the outskirts of the Warsaw Ursus Skorosze.

Wapowscy owned Dynów and the example of other powerful families maintained armed troops mainly made up of foreigners. Among them were Vlachs, Tatars, Germans, Scots and even Spaniards. Wapowscy, as Martin and George Krasiccy, kept the Tartars. Nobility Wapowski few funny facts

Another celebrity Wapowiec was Andrew Wapowski (d. 1574). Married to Catherine of Maciejowskis coat Nieczuja, in 1574 during the coronation of Henry of Valois at Wawel was fatally stabbed by Samuel Zborowski ice ax in his head. In fact, the same sort of Wapowski contributed to his death. In order to separate the dueling Zborowski and Castellan Wojnice John Teczynski suffered in fact harmless wound.

Then – in the words of Stanislaw Grzybowski – “(…) an old grouch walked perorował, posed a hero and thundered on Samuel, demanding his punishment, rather than immediately stop the bleeding and put the spider’s web. In the assembled crowd, stench and dirt courtyard (…) it was easy to be infected, probably tetanus. Exhausted blood within the body was powerless, and after a few days Wapowski died. The guilty fight Samuel was guilty of crimes. ”

Andrew was the son of Stanislaw Wapowski (d. 1633), whose W. Lozinski called “the calmest of all the citizens of Przemysl.” However, we hasten to inform you that it was John Stanislaus Wapowski organized in 1603 in Dynów for the wedding of his daughter called. “Triumph”, which was the main point of bullfighting corrida – the first in Poland to a specially prepared plate market. The whole event ended, however, very happily, because during it demonstrates that the overall drunkenness, and suffered a fatal injury is not a courtier bull shot by drunkenness was a man named Nicholas Pawlowski.

Another time, Stanislaw trying to impress the neighbors and win the bet took place in the summer sleigh ride through the nearby villages. For horses gave advice to pull hard all the way he had earlier sprinkle with sugar.

Dwór Wapowce - Historia naszego dworu Dwór Wapowce - Historia naszego dworu Dwór Wapowce - Historia naszego dworu